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La Vida In Black History on MLK…


His words will remain timeless much like Jose Marti , Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, President Barack Obama. The thought that words like Freedom, Liberty, Belief in Humanity never go out of style also remain true. As it relates to Latinos, Dr. King met with Roberto Clemente, and had much correspondence with the Secretary of Education of the Emerald Island, Puerto Rico.  Dr. Martin Luther King visited Puerto Rico in 1962, he spoke at the University these are some of his words…
“Wherever men are assembled today, whether they are in Johannesburg, South Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, Lagos, Nigeria, Accra, Ghana, New York City, Montgomery, Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi, the cry is always the same. We want to be free. And it is more than a solo voice today, it is a mighty chorus, crying out with amazing harmony, and because of this surge towards freedom, we see a new age developing, those of us who live in the 20th century are privileged to stand between two ages, the dying old, and the emerging new. In this sense it is a great time to be alive.
I know there are some people who would argue with me at this point. They would contend that the deep rumblings of discontent around the world and all of the tension which we witness in so many situations are indicative of the fact that we are going backwards, instead of forward.
mlktocrowdThey would contend that we are retrogressing, instead of progressing. But far from representing retrogression and tragic meaninglessness, it may well be that the present tensions that we see in the world are indicative of the fact that a new age is coming into being. For it seems to be both historically and biologically true that there can be no birth and growth without birth and growing pains. An old order is passing away and the new order is coming into being.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, February 14, 1962, in Puerto Rico, Universidad Interamericana Puerto Rico