Fighting White Settler Colonialism from Ferguson to Gaza: Why Blacks See Themselves in the Palestinians’ Freedom Struggle Against Israel

Despite the defection of a growing number of the Black elite, the relationship between African Americans and Palestinians remains a close one. This solidarity owes its staying power to a simple, irrefutable fact: Palestinians in Gaza are terrorized by the white settler colonial state just as are Blacks in Gary, Indiana. Discussing this axis of resistance – formed during the international struggle against apartheid in South Africa – are the poet, artist, and journalist Esther Iverem, and Palestinian activists Hannah Schraim, and Dr. Sami Al-Arian.


Thank you to our Special Guests

Hannah Schraim

Hannah Schraim

Hannah Shraim is a Palestinian-American organizer, speaker, and writer. She is the co-chair of Maryland 2 Palestine, a grassroots organization led by Palestinians in exile building for liberation. Hannah has organized protests and spoken about the Palestinian struggle and issues of injustice at events across the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. She is currently the Communications and Outreach Assistant at the Institute for Palestine Studies-USA.

Esther Iverem

Esther Iverem is a multi-disciplinary artist, author and independent journalist. Her diverse body of work, which includes a show on Pacifica Radio, four books, two digital media projects and several visual art exhibits, is about social justice and human existence—its history, current state and possible futures. It is also about the environment, including its mysteries extending into the universe

Dr. Sami Al-Arian

Sami Amin Al-Arian (Arabic: سامي أمين العريان; a Kuwaiti-born political activist of Palestinian origin who was a computer engineering professor at University of South Florida.

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