How Tina Lost Her Blues: The Shift in White and Black Music in America

We celebrate African American Music Appreciation Month by exploring the white settler Republic’s complicated relationship to Black music, and Black folks’ relationship to Tina Turner, who died in May at the age of 83. Turner was no doubt an American icon but did she represent the best of the Black musical tradition, or a backlash to it? We answer that question and ask another? What did Turner share in common with Saturday Night Fever, and January 6th?


Thank you to our Special Guests

DJ Steve Maestro

Steve is a 20+ year veteran of radio & DJing. He started his professional career spinning in Army clubs before he came home to Chicago in 1991. He joined WGCI alongside Mike Dunn in 1993 & quickly became the go-to guy for Club 107.5, Hot Lunch Mixes & Old School Mini-Mixes. His work has been requisitioned by Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Tom Joyner & Doug Banks. He is also syndicated through SuperRadio with 30+ stations airing his Old School mixes.

Steve is the owner of MMP Records, an independent imprint that specializes in quality House & Stepper’s music. He also remains as active playing House in various clubs in Chicago.

Show Transcripts

First heard on WPFW, Black Owned Conversations June 27, 2023

First heard on WPFW Black Owned Conversations June 27, 2023

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