The Political Bait and Switch: Why White Liberals Rediscover Their Whiteness in Black Crisis

Senate Democrats, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons


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Dr. Julianne Robertson

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More than a year ago, Harvey Matthews, said it; he told me. I arrived at Macedonia Baptist Church, finding Mr. Harvey, as I affectionately address him, picking up debris from the church grounds—the abundance of walnuts falling free from the yard’s tree (BTW, that I mistakenly identified as a crabapples), bits of paper scattered onto the lawn by evening breezes, and even the cigar butts and five or six miniature liquor bottles queued ever so neatly on the front steps leading to the entryway of the sanctuary, left behind by a white neighbor that feels entitled to sit on the steps of a Black church, have a private happy hour, and leave the evidence of the desecration, like he expected the bartender to clean it up...

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